Sign the petition, help Mary Jane Veloso!

Mary Jane Veloso is a woman that floods the news sites. Her name is used anywhere, from social media to even politics. She is currently held in Indonesia with a mortal fate.

Facing her own mortality because of something that she did not do, accused of delivering heroin in the suitcase that she carried to Indonesia.

From the supporters;

We believe that Mary Jane Veloso is a victim of Human Trafficking, who is innocent of knowingly carrying drugs. 

Coming from a poor family in the northern Philippines, she had already once worked as a domestic worker (maid) in Dubai but returned to the Philippines after a few months.  Mary Jane was the victim of attempted rape in her place of employment; she left her employer due to the continued threat and likelihood of being raped if she stayed….”

Read more and support her by signing up this petition


Author: b18press

a cynical, nihilist teenager who likes to sleep

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